Bike in Can Micos

We are a bikefriendly villa

The villa of Can Micos has everything you need so that your group of cyclists can enjoy your favorite sport. We are located in one of the most important places to do this sport, in the province of Girona and in the town of Riudarenas, a place of pilgrimage for MTB and enduro lovers.

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Our recommended

Quality places with Can Micos stamp

In Can Micos we want you to enjoy our surroundings to the fullest, that is why we present our recommendations of the area to carry out activities, buy or eat. All these establishments have our quality seal.

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Hiking and nature knowledge.

Being already between fields of cultivation and forest, just leaving the house you can lose yourself enjoying the roads that are in the area or if what you want is something more structured we have nearby activities for the whole family. Get to know everything you can do.

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A territory of history in Catalonia

Can Micos is in one of the historical areas of Catalonia, where culture is an important factor, being just 20 km from the capital Girona, we are an ideal place to make multiple cultural visits of different kinds, highlighting the route of the Castles and museums in the region.

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Care and Wellness

Rest in our villa and take care of yourself in a spa.

We are in La Selva, the region of water and we have 3 spas within a 10 km radius where you can enjoy the care and well-being of visiting one of these places with the water that flows in a natural hot way.

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