A Villa with barbecue in Riudarenes, Girona, between Montseny and the Costa Brava

The barbecue lit in the Villa near Barcelona in Riudarenes (Girona - Costa Brava)

Light the fire and enjoy! The ideal place for “barbecue lovers”

We have in the rural house an area of ​​more than 90m2 covered to enjoy a good barbecue, near the kitchen to move everything you need and have no problems if you leave anything. It has an ideal construction barbecue to make your meals on fire.

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  • Utensils needed to handle coal or firewood.
  • A sink with water to clean utensils and / or hands.
  • A large work allowance to work on it.
  • Two plugs to connect what is necessary for fun (Portable, mini-chain or baffle).
  • A light to be when it gets dark with timed control.
  • Large wooden table with benches for up to 20 people.
  • A ping pong table.
  • A table for 6 people auxiliary
  • Table football.
 barbecue of the Villa between the montseny and the costa brava

In addition, thanks to being covered, multiple events can be held in this area, it can be adapted for some yoga classes, for a party or even hold a rural wedding .

If you want we offer the possibility of catering , we make you the barbecue or Argentine barbecue, contact us without obligation. We are fire professionals!

You can also ask us to make your purchases in the best places in the area, we will propose you the best butchers and bakeries, we are in Riudarenes (Girona) area of ​​magnificent meat, either pig, lamb or cow.  

 Barbecue Catering food from the Villa of Can Micos girona

Come in and see our instragram ! It’s full of pictures of our barbecue! of our Villa and everything we do! follow us!