Where we are and how to get to the villa “Can Micos” 

Very close to  Barcelona between Montseny and Girona

20km from Girona, 22km from Lloret and 80km from Barcelona capital.

santa coloma de farners

Located in the flat of La Selva, in the town of Riudarenas in the province of Girona. Between the Montseny and the Costa Brava.

We have 7km Santa Coloma de Farners being the capital of the region of La Selva, there you will find the main supermarkets in the country, there are Mercadona, Lidl, Bon Preu, Dia and others. You will also find La Sirena, the shop and cookie factory of the Trías brothers.


At 2.5km we have the urban center of Riudarenas, where you will find the Nova Venda supermarket, within it the butcher shop of Can Tort. There is also the Peixos Pujol fishmonger, José Oliveras bakery and Serra Tornes bakery.

One place to buy fresh vegetables and wine in bulk is in the union’s warehouse.

At 3km is Sils, being larger than Riudarenas you can find more bakeries like Can Companyó,


two supermarkets such as the Consum and the Spar, both have fishmongers. To buy sausages nothing better than Can Oliva in the Mallorquines and La Ginesta area next to the Spar.

Sils has a train stop, having 2 trains every hour, both to Barcelona and Girona, it is ideal to get away to visit Barcelona, ​​since there is a free parking and the train leaves you in the center of the Catalan capital.



 How to get to the rural house of Can Micos

Too easy! put on your google maps «Can Micos» and it will take you to the door! 

google mapsgoogle maps If you do not trust and want a little more explanation here we give you some directions so you do not have problems.


From Barcelona or from Girona or France:

• Go on Highway AP-7 exit 9 Maçanet de la Selva.
• Highway A-2 (former N-2) towards Girona 4 kms until exit 697 to Mallorquines- Hostalric.
• Make the two ring roads  leaving in the first through the 4th exit and in the second in the 3rd and continue on the GI-555.
• Continue towards Mallorquines, turn right towards Vallcanera- Les Comes.
• Follow the paved street, cross the train bridge.
• Turn left on the dirt road, there is a “Can Micos” sign.
• Follow the path of easy access to land and you will reach the door of the cottage.

As you can see, how to get to Can Micos has an answer … very easy!

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