Watch the series, movies and / or play with the playstation 4

Being in a rural environment does not have to be out of technology. That is why in our cottage in Can Micos we offer two different options or two together, one of video games and another of series and movies. Whether you are looking for a cottage for groups with children, or if you want a cottage for groups of friends or family, we believe that to entertain the children of the house there is nothing better than putting them Netflix or playing the playstation.

We offer our guests the playstation 4 with different games and the Netflix platform.

Now look at the price of each of the different packs:

  • Netflix – 7€ weekend (Being a group of 14 people, it costs € 0.50 per person per weekend).
  • Playstation 4 – 15€ weekend (Being a group of 14 people, it costs € 1.07 per person per weekend).
  • Technology Pack – € 20 weekend. (Being a group of 14 people, it costs € 1.42 per person per weekend).

* for more days consult without obligation.



Engage this additional service and you will have the perfect pack between the environment, our accommodation and the technology so that in your relaxing days the children enjoy their stay.