In our Villa, we offer you a professional food service (own catering).

In our rural house in Can Micos we have our own catering, so we can make a personalized meal service to the needs of our guests.

Enjoy our km 0 dishes

Delight in our gastronomy, a cuisine of territory with international touches. We make the typical casseroles of the area, the dishes that have popularized “the cooks of Sils”, we also offer the realization of the barbecue or Argentine barbecue. Since I am Daniel, a chef by profession. I was 6 years living and working in Argentina in restaurants and soaking up its cuisine. We have different preset menus but we adapt and can offer what you need. We also make birthday cakes.

A 100% relaxing and carefree stay.

Since 2016 we have a catering service for our clients in our villa, where we offer different sample menus but always by agreeing on the final menu, we are flexible and adapt to their needs. Our differential fact is to always work with fresh products, from the area (km.0) in its possibility and in a total care in what we do always respecting the product with a final result of excellence.

The hiring modalities can be for a single meal, only breakfast, half board or full board.

You can see photos of our catering service in our instagram

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Below we detail the default menus we offer:

All menus include Bread, wine or soft drinks and water.

MENÚ Paella/Fideuá (price: Consult)

First course:

Chicken or ham croquettes.

Traditional humus.

Foie voulevant with figs and caramelized pistachio.

Homemade salad.

Second course:

Seafood / mixed paella or Fideuá with cuttlefish and prawns.


Cold Catalan cream cake or ice cream or yogurt..

MENÚ Asado (price: consult)

First course:

homemade salad.

Baked potatoes.


Creolle sausage.

Blood sausage.

Second course:

 Meat mix: Veal roast strip. Beef vacuum. Pork loin head. 4 different sauces: Chimichurri, Alioli, homemade barbecue, Cheeses.


Pears in wine with nut ice cream or ice cream or yogurt.

MENÚ Barbecue (price: consult)

First course:

homemdade salad.

french fries.


Second course:

meat mix.





Lamb chops and medium.

4 different sauces: Chimichurri, Alioli, homemade barbecue, Cheeses.


Baked apple with vanilla ice cream or ice cream or yogurt.

MENÚ Chuletón (price: consult) 

First course:


Pork feet carpaccio.


Coca de recapte (red pepper and anchovy).

homemade salad.

Second course:

Grilled beef steak (500gr).

roasted potatoe.

roasted pepper.


Flambe banana with cookie crumble or ice cream or yogurt.

Traditional menu (price: consult)

This menu is agreed with the client completely. This estructure is the next one:

Welcome entrance (amuse bouche)

first course

second course


Below we show the possibilities of choice (you can incorporate new dishes constantly, consult us for your needs).

First course

Potato omelette with creamy green pepper on tomato bread.

Timbale of seasonal vegetables with dried fruit vinaigrette.

Escudella catalana with its “carn d’olla” (traditional soup).

“Esqueixada” cod with black olives and tomato vinaigrette.

“Esqueixada” cod with black olives and tomato vinaigrette.

Catalonian broad bean.

Vegetable soup with crispy leek.

Mussels with marinara sauce

Traditional “Empedrat” cod with beans.

Vichyssoise with crispy leek and ham shavings.

Baked Bolognese Macaroni.

Pasta stuffed with sauce of choice.


Second course

Meatballs with sepia and peas.

Beef stew with seasonal mushrooms.

Suquet de peix with potatoes.

Baked pork cheeks with mashed potatoes and caramelized apples.

Cod in “sanfaina”.

Traditional cannelloni.

mountain and sea (chicken, pork and srimps).

sausage with beans from the “ganchet”.

Black rice with sepia.

Baked chicken with nuts.

Baked knuckle with fries.

Grilled salmon with baked potato.

Stuffed squid in its sauce.

White wine chicken thighs with seasonal mushrooms.

Loin stuffed in the oven with vegetables

Homemade hamburger complete with wedge potatoes.

Loin booklets stuffed with ham and cheese.

Lemon chicken and rosemary baked with vegetables.

Chicken roast with roasted vegetables.


Traditional egg flan.

Mel i mató (cheese and honey).

Traditional Catalan cream.


 Apple fritters with chocolate cream.

Dessert “music” (muscat and nuts).

Varied ice cream

“la fageda” yogurt varied

Cold cake of Catalan cream or lemon.

Cookies from the “Germans Trias” area

Season’s fruit

Cream gypsy arm.

Coca stuffed.

Children’s menu (price: consult)

If it is more than one day the menu varies

First course

Macaroni or spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Second course

Veal or Chicken Milanese with French Fries


Varied ice cream.