We are in a territory full of history and culture.

Museums and Greco-Roman times

You can visit multiple museums in the region, some nearby such as the Salvador Claret car collection in Sils or the Trias cookie museum in Santa Coloma de Farners. In the capital Girona there are other very interesting museums of medieval art, cinema or toy, then on the coast you can go to the famous Salvador Dalí museum in Figueres, to the ruins of Ampuries


Castles Route

La Selva is a land of castles. Much of them, from the ninth and tenth centuries, have their origin in the fortified enclaves. From these points, after the conquest of the territory to the Muslims, it was watched what today is the region. Others, built from the eleventh century, are the typical feudal castles, from which – in addition to monitoring and controlling – the territory was administered, taxes were collected and justice was imparted (the feudal concept of justice, of course). Most of the castles of la Selva belonged to the powerful Viscounts of Cabrera, one of the most important feudal lineages of medieval Catalonia, although other lords, such as the Vilademany, the Gurb-Sarriera, the bishop of Girona, the abbot of Ripoll , the Montcada or the Cruïlles, also participated in the feudal domain in the demarcation.

The highlight of the La Selva castles is their typological variety: from one of the biggest castles in Catalonia, such as Montsoriu, to a fortress as modest as well preserved as Farners. From a modern fortress like Hostalric, prepared to withstand sieges with artillery, to the robust residential castles of Brunyola or Vilobí. Some of them live today or are public facilities; others, such as Torcafelló, Sant Iscle or Sant Joan de Lloret, have been rescued by archeology to highlight their value. All are in privileged places, viewpoints of the first order over the region and its surroundings. If we add to this the luck of having preserved two walled towns of the quality of Tossa de Mar and Hostalric.

Place of interest of our region on the route of the castles: