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The Villa of Can Micos is in one of the most important areas for users of BTT and enduro in the bicycle world, that’s why we are a bikefriendly country house. Riudarenas and its mountains has become a place of pilgrimage for bike lovers. Thanks to the work of many people, there are many routes to do in the area, we have opened a channel in Wikiloc to have the routes ready from our home.

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This is an example of the route we do visiting 5 municipalities that we have in the vicinity of the villa of Can Micos, a 48 km route lasting 2h and 45 min.


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We share a note of Diari de Girona of the year 2016 where they titled: “Riudarenes: paradise of Enduro MTB””

“The spectacular trails near the hermitage of Argimón have become a benchmark for many cyclists, with the appointment this Sunday in a Catalan Cup race as an attraction pole for Catalan runners and throughout Europe”

Traditionally, the MTB tests had separated between those of «rally», a classic race in a more or less flat terrain and circling in a circuit, and those of «descent», where whoever completes with less time a normally very low descent wins dizzying In recent years, however, the Enduro modality that combines moments with the spectacular decline has grown strongly but with sections that are not strictly pure and hard descent. Very popular in countries such as France or Belgium, the Enduro BTT needs an ideal terrain and in Girona it has its particular paradise in Riudarenes in the area of the hermitage of Argimon and in points such as Farners, Mirador de Goteras, Esparra or San Salvador.

The REM, the local club that this year reaches twenty-five years of age, organizes a test of the Catalan Cup on a track that, years ago, has left in love with great referents of the Enduro BTT such as the French Cedric Gracia or the Catalan Carles Barcons and that causes organizers to quickly close the list of registered with people from all over Catalonia, but also from Mallorca, Valencia, France, Andorra, Belgium … “We are comfortable with a participation of 400 cyclists, but if we see ourselves with a waiting list of thirty or forty we let them in,” explains Lluís Mas, president of REM Riudarenes, who sees the combination of the qualities of the terrain and the experience of decades organizing Kurds of the club people, the key to «everyone wants to repeat».

The Enduro La Selva MTB is part of the Catalan Cup, but with the participation of international cyclists, and has a spectacular route of 36.5 kilometers along trails with four special sections timed between 1.5 kilometers and just over three at most (the Accumulated negative slope is 1,250 meters). “They seem short, but going down at maximum speed they become complicated than physically enduring,” says Mas, who also recalls, “there is a time limit to reach each starting point of the timed sections and, unlike the tests of descent, here you can not climb to the top with the help of mechanical traction ».

On Sunday, the runners will leave in groups of five, the first at half past four and after three in the afternoon. A test like this of the Catalan Cup with more than 400 participants requires a good number of volunteers. “We try to give the best possible service, because we are not going to make money here,” explains Lluís Mas, who does not rule out in the future, turning the test into an appointment on the international calendar, although he knows that “we should still go further in the field of infrastructure”.

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